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Senior Portraits | Travis

Travis is a Senior at Georgetown High School this year and off to Texas State Technical College to become a diesel mechanic in the fall.


He’s also my little brother.


When he asked us to shoot his Senior pictures, we were nervous. Okay, Chris was nervous. Most people probably assume photographing people you know, especially family, is easier. However, providing family photography for your own family adds some pressure. I mean, you’re in the optimal position to make the next decade pretty awkward. I wasn’t that nervous. My little brother is a pretty big goof ball and Chris is the best photographer I know so I knew they’d have some kind of goof-ball, photographer, brother-in-law synergy or something. The photo session flew by; they made it pretty easy on each other.  Despite all the laughing we were all doing, Chris even managed to snag a few good ones (imagine that).


In all seriousness, I couldn’t believe we were taking my not-so-little-anymore brother’s Senior Pictures. (Get ready I’m about to spew a cliche’ all over your monitor). He has grown up so fast! One moment we were sharing his beanbag watching Toy Story and the next, I’m sitting at his High School Graduation wondering where all the years went.


I know I said all that stuff about taking family portraits for your own family being nerve wrecking for a photographer. But, you’re also afforded a really special opportunity to play an integral role in the pivotal moments in the lives of people you love. Rather than getting a senior picture in the mail, we created them. It’s always a high to witness people’s reaction when they first see a portrait of someone they know. You can tell by their reaction if you nailed it or missed the mark. (For the record, my mom giggled smiling ear to ear as she sorted through proofs. That’s a pretty good sign).


Did I mention that my brother’s middle name is Wingate? Pretty cool middle name for a guitar playing diesel mechanic from Texas.

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