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Music Photography | Blind Pilot & Dan Mangan at The Parish

We love living in Austin. Live music is our favorite part of this incredible city so when KUT announced that one of our favorite bands, Blind Pilot was coming to play in Austin and we knew we had to be there! The Photographer (that’s Chris) has been asked to shoot events at The Parish three times in the last two weeks so when we realized that’s where the show was, we got a kick out of it. We went early and had a really good dinner downstairs at The Beale Street Tavern. (By the way, we highly recommend this move. The drinks are less expensive at Beale Street.) Then, we made our way upstairs (well we stood in a really long line first). The girl who runs the lights for all the shows never lets us down and this show was no different.

Dan Mangan opened for Blind Pilot and honestly we had no idea who he was. Before his second song was over, we had already decided he would be another favorite and done our research (immediately followed by thorough embarrassment for not having ever heard his music before). Now, that we’ve been let in on the secret (and have Blind Pilot to thank for it) we feel much more “with it” and hope we weren’t the last to find out about this stellar musician.

We had been giddy for weeks and now our excitement was oozing out of our faces while we waited for our band to take the stage. The smiles plastering our faces were not alone. We were in good company. The house was packed and the energy was high with all of our anticipation. Instruments lined the stage, some we’d never seen before. Finally they took the stage. We sang. We danced. The photographer did what he does best. It was over much too quickly and we hung around waiting for our turn to thank them for coming. It never fails- when someone you really appreciate or admire is in your midst, normalcy is out of reach. Hopefully my nerdy-ness was well contained and I only felt like a goof ball. The Photographer held himself together just fine.

Dan Mangan in Austin Live at The ParishLive in Austin, Dan Mangan plays with Blind Pilot at The ParishDan Mangan in Austin Live at The ParishBlind Pilot plays live in Austin at The ParishBlind PilotBlind Pilot plays live in Austin at The ParishBlind Pilot plays live in Austin at The ParishBlind Pilot plays live in Austin at The ParishBlind Pilot plays live in Austin at The ParishChris Michael Photo with Ian Krist from Blind Pilot at The Parish in Austin


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